More Troubles in Paris.

More Troubles in Paris.

Paris is once again experiencing troubles with terrorism. An apparent attack by the Islamic state killed a policeman in a shooting on Paris’ most popular boulevard Champs – Elysees. Reports state it was just around 9 p.m. when a man jumped out of a vehicle and opened fire on policeman stationed in a car. The gunman tried to run while shooting at the other officers but was shot down by police before he could get away.  The gunmen and a police officer were killed, while two officers and a bystander were wounded.

The recent attack has been expected to affect the Presidential election that will begin in just days after the attack. Experts believe the attack can lean voters in the direction of candidates who have stated to be hard on crime, terrorism and others have mentioned to have plans on ending the Islamic state.

The attack was confirmed to be an act by the Islamic state after their responsibility for the shooting was claimed on a jihadi channel. The message was available in multiple languages which terrorism analyst, Micheal S. Smith II, stated the Islamic state seemed eager and ready to claim responsibility as if it was a planned event they wanted to make the most out of. “The timing of the attack itself is significant in that this will help to ensure the group is a centerpiece of political discourses in France,” said Mr. Smith II.

For more information on the attack and Paris’ reaction visit NY Times’ article.

Goodbye Internet Privacy

Goodbye Internet Privacy

We can all say goodbye to the FCC’s internet privacy laws that were just reversed earlier this week. Congress sent President Trump proposed legislation that would reverse the regulation Obama passed just last year to protect consumers internet data. This regulation was set in place to limit what broadband companies could do with consumers browsing history, app usage, location services and social security numbers. The regulation had also required providers to strengthen their servers against hackers.

Now that Trump has signed and passed this new regulation broadband providers and browsers can sell consumers’ data. It now allows them to monitor their consumers’ online data and sell this data, including financial data to marketing and financial firms as well as high bidding ad services. Jeffrey Chester, executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy, stated “Today’s vote means that Americans will never be safe online from having their most personal details stealthily scrutinized and sold to the highest bidder”.

Supporters of this new data targeting industry believe it is beneficial to consumers because they will now have more relevant ads they may would be interested in or find helpful.Although video streaming sites and search engines already collect data, it is expected for this new industry to become competitors to the $83 billion industry that is primarily ran by Google and Facebook.

Internet providers have made their money by providing access to the internet but now with the new regulation, providers are expected to greatly increase their revenue just by reporting what information was read, the apps that are downloaded and the websites visited by their consumers.


Pepsi Gets Serious Ad Backlash.

Pepsi Gets Serious Ad Backlash.

A Pepsi can make the country unite.

That’s the message Pepsi sent in their newest commercial of protesters and policeman featuring supermodel Kendall Jenner. Yes, Kendall Jenner the leading star of the commercial where she stops her photo shoot to see what the protest on the next street is all about. Once she views the scenery she moves through the crowd, grabs a Pepsi and passes it to a policeman. Now the country is one.

If only people of the black lives matter movement, all lives matter movement or even the million man march knew that Pepsi would be the answer to the issues they have faced for decades, this country would have ended racial issues many generations ago.

Of course Pepsi had to give many apologies just hours after the release of the commercial. The list of offended people stretched across the country including Bernice King, daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., where she tweeted “If only Daddy would have known about the power of #Pepsi.” Pepsi instantly responded to her message with more apologies and how they obviously missed the mark of portraying global unity they were aiming for.

Posts on all social media platforms were flooded with statements of how disrespected the ad is to the people who have dedicated their lives and time to peaceful protests to make a change, that hasn’t seemed to progress much. The posts also included recent and old pictures of Blacks being held, pushed and abused and how if only they had a Pepsi would the problems be resolved.

Pepsi took down the ad the same day it was released and made a final statement of: “Pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding. Clearly we missed the mark, and we apologize. We did not intend to make light of any serious issue. We are removing the content and halting any further rollout. We also apologize for putting Kendall Jenner in this position.”

Making a statement or increasing division?

It has now been one week since the New England Patriots made a historical comeback on the Atlanta Falcons, and all the many Patriot haters have now let the new settle. The news that isn’t settling easy is the denial of six New England players participating in the post Super Bowl White house visit. It has been a tradition for many years that the players who won the Super Bowl visit the White house, but with the controversial issues that have occurred since President Trump took office many players are refusing. Five of the players are Black, which of course makes this issue automatically seem racial related but the players see it has going only where they are welcome. The first player to announce he was skipping out on the tradition was Martellus Bennett. The next day Devin McCourty stated he as well would not attend the White house visit because he didn’t feel welcomed.

More players announced they would not attend which is currently a total of six. There have been many posts on social media, particularly Twitter, where Patriot fans are pressuring other players to also disrupt the tradition with much pressure being directed toward Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, the teams two star players.

The only way we can find out is by waiting until the day comes, to see who will take a stand with their teammates and particular groups of people.

Flowers are blooming but Spring isn’t coming, right?

Flowers are blooming but Spring isn’t coming, right?

On Thursday national Ground hog Day, Phil in Punxsutawney woke up bright and early and saw his shadow. Of course the crowd along with rest of the countries believers were disappointed to hear we have six more weeks of winter. According to records, Phil the ground hog has been predicting winters since 1887, and out of the 120 times on record Phil has been correct 80% of the time.

His predictions raised questions this year particularly in the South where other famous ground hogs predicted an early spring, and according to Accuweather some cities are already seeing blossoming flowers. Weather has become shifty for many areas of the country as well, especially in the Midwest where the typical multiple seasons in one week is approaching.

The weather is becoming harder to predict as we are becoming more affected by climate change due to global warming and other important factors that humans have typically caused. This January was actually the third warmest January in 137 years of record keeping, and 2016 is a part of the top three. As citizens our daily habits are directly affecting climate change and there are more ways than we can really imagine to be able to change our actions to help our home planet.

A long week for us all

A long week for us all

Well America we got through the first week of our new presidency. As a country we have grown from having millions of women worldwide marching and unfortunately it seems that we are just taking steps backward. This week President Trump issued a seven country, particularly Muslim-majority countries, ban from travel into the United States for 90 days. Although many immigrants have landed onto US grounds, they are being held in facilities where they are pretty much trapped.

Trump’s executive order was placed just a week after he was inaugurated, and this brought much hate to him and his administration.

Following the ban the immigrants in America decided to have “a day without immigrants”. Although the ban was directed toward Muslims, Hispanics and many other group of people felt targeted and unwelcome in the place they call home.  From that many stores, shops and restaurants owned by immigrants were closed for that day across the country, causing many residents to feel the burn.

Snapchat had many live stories that showed the immigrants close their stores, go on large city wide marches, particularly in Texas, and residents being disappointed they could not eat at some of their favorite restaurants. Of course the closing shops hurt more residents of the cities than it did people who made the executive decision, either way the immigrants have shown they make a large impact to this countries daily functions.